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Welcome to my ABC Math blog.

My name is Nora Galenzoski. Most of my students call me Mrs. G.

I am a mother of five grown children and grandmother of fourteen wonderful grandchildren.

I have seen and experienced a lot over the years.

Read my personal story here.

I have lived in a most amazing time. The world has changed dramatically in my lifetime; some of it has been amazingly great and some of it not so much.

Technology has exploded offering new and exciting inventions, while at the same time,  there has been a sharp and startling division drawn between the educated and the undereducated.

It is this division between haves and have-nots that rests heavy on my mind because I understand the effect it has on people’s lives, not only in the present but for future generations.

What is education and what is it not?

Education is not attending school for a period of time and receiving a diploma or certificate. Education is the learning of material and lessons with which to enter the adult world and have the ability to function in it successfully.

Not every child will have the opportunity to attend college or university, but no child should level school as a semi- or illiterate.

If your child is struggling, take action. Get help.

ABC Math is about helping struggling students accomplish all they can, and often with amazing results.

Aside from tutoring students in my own community, I can help students and parents using modern technology and communication.

Contact me for a personal consultation.

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